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Murder Was the Case [Bonus DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Murder Was the Case [Remix] 4:20
  2. Natural Born Killaz 4:51
  3. What Would U Do? 5:08
  4. 21 Jumpstreet 5:26
  5. One More Day 5:18
  6. One More Day 5:18
  7. Who Got Some Gangsta Shit? 5:28
  8. Harvest for the World 3:52
  9. U Better Recognize 3:54
  10. Who Got Some Gangsta Shit? 5:28
  11. Come When I Call 4:55
  12. U Better Recognize 3:54
  13. Come Up to My Room 4:37
  14. Horny 4:41
  15. Woman to Woman 5:18
  16. Dollars & Sense 5:53
  17. The Eulogy 4:48
  18. Horny 4:41
  19. [Untitled Track] 4:45
  20. Murder Was the Case [Remix][*][Multimedia Track]
  21. Nutural Born Killaz [DVD][*]
  22. What Would U Do? [DVD][*]
  23. Murder Was the Case [Remix][*][Multimedia Track]
  24. Nutural Born Killaz [DVD][*]
  25. What Would U Do? [DVD][*]


The soundtrack to an 18-minute film inspired by Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Murder Was the Case" provides more thrills than the average hip-hop release. Again, Dre relies on his standard production tricks and crew, introducing a couple of new members to the mix. But the result sounds anything but stale -- it ranks alongside The Chronic, Doggystyle and Above the Rim in terms of quality. In fact, various-artist compilations like Murder Was the Case are the ideal vehicle for Dr. Dre -- they show his versatility. Murder has the harrowing title track from Snoop Dogg, as well as the smooth funk of Warren G and the chilling hardcore of "Natural Born Killaz," the first track from Dre's collaboration with Ice Cube. At some point, Dre will need to find some new tricks, but Murder Was the Case, Rovi