Icy Breasts

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This French film noir stars Alain Delon as a lawyer who thought he'd heard everything. But even Delon is not fully prepared for the cold, calculating manner of his beautiful client Mireille Darc. With sociopathic aplomb, Darc has been quietly killing every man who has ever gotten close to her. Delon is aware of the danger, but this doesn't stop him from becoming fascinated with Darc himself. Directed by George Lautner, a man normally associated with tongue-in-cheek spy capers, Icy Breasts was released in France as Les Seins de Glace. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Icy Breasts
2. Peggy [7:01]
3. Followed [11:58]
4. The Lawyer [8:59]
5. Take Me Away [5:57]
6. Attacked [14:17]
7. Albert [14:00]
8. Murder [6:07]
9. Mrs. Rilson [8:29]
10. Arrested [4:55]
11. A Confession [6:56]
12. Turini Pass [11:01]
13. Far Away [3:38]