Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow casts players in the role of scalawag Captain Jack with a storyline that fleshes out the events depicted in the first film. Players will engage in swordfights, solve puzzles, and more as they advance through 12 interactive environments inspired by the film, including haunted shipwrecks, deserted isles, and forlorn caves, each offering hidden areas and secret treasures. As Sparrow battles enemies and avoids capture from the Royal Navy, he will be able to acquire new swords and an assortment of deadly attack moves. Sparrow can also team-up with Will Turner in a two-player cooperative mode.

Game Controls

Left Analog Stick Up or Down = move character forward or back
Left Analog Stick Left or Right = turn left or right
Right Analog Stick = rotate camera left or right
D-Pad Up = set AI hero to defensive
D-Pad Left = set AI hero to aggressive
D-Pad Right = set AI hero to passive
D-Pad Down = switch heroes
Start Button = pause
X Button = light attack
Square Button = heavy attack
Triangle Button = light special attack
Circle Button = pick up objects, drop objects, saber lock
R1 Button = block
L1 Button = target lock
R2 Button = heavy special attack
L2 Button = running kick ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide