Silent Hill [Widescreen]

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A mother and daughter flee to a strange abandoned town to seek out answers to the daughter's nightly psychological turmoil in Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans' adaptation of the popular survival horror video game. Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) is a very sick child, yet rather than seeing her child suffer the cruel indignities of the medical profession, Rose (Radha Mitchell) ignores her husband's (Sean Bean) pleas and absconds with her ailing daughter to the fog-enshrouded town of Silent Hill. A town drenched in darkness and inhabited by a strange collection of menacing specters, Silent Hill seemingly swallows young Sharon whole upon arrival. Determined to get her daughter back at any cost, Rose sets out to explore the mysterious Silent Hill, only to discover an evil so powerful that it possesses the ability to transform anything it wishes. With the deeply disturbing history of the town slowly coming into focus through the dense fog, Rose soon realizes that both she and her daughter may be little more than simple pawns in a much larger, and seemingly supernatural, game. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Silent Hill
1. Night Scares [3:24]
2. Special Trip [5:14]
3. Not on the Map [4:30]
4. Closed Road [4:36]
5. Dark Findings [3:47]
6. "It's Mine" [4:08]
7. Police Interference [4:38]
8. Silent Town [4:26]
9. Investigating [4:06]
10. Not Alone [4:04]
11. Night Creatures [4:17]
12. "She's Here" [6:30]
13. "We'll Be Okay" [2:14]
14. Survival of Faith [5:14]
15. First Burning [4:13]
16. Phantom Vision [3:33]
17. Sate of Alarm [3:37]
18. Sanctuary of Sinners [4:11]
19. Demon of Darkness [4:16]
20. Place of No Return [4:11]
21. Alessa's Story [6:09]
22. The Reaper [3:39]
23. Restoring Innocence [4:40]
24. Fiery Fate [4:03]
25. A Blasphemer [6:14]
26. Mother's Instincts [2:03]
27. Coming Home [1:48]
28. Ghostly Silence [9:29]