Madden NFL 07

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For its second outing on PSP, Madden NFL 07 refines the action, controls, and visuals introduced in 2005 while retaining the handheld's core play modes. A new emphasis on the running game has players controlling the lead blocker and creating holes in the defensive line for the tailback to run through. Players also have the option of using the left shoulder trigger as a shift button, effectively doubling the functions associated with the face buttons to address the PSP's lack of a second analog stick. The popular franchise mode returns with the ability to transfer a season to and from the PlayStation 2 game, allowing players to continue their team exploits away from the living room. New arcade-style mini-games have been added to the lineup, with one particular event played with the screen positioned vertically. This "end to end" contest involves running the entire field length while performing special moves to avoid tackles. Also included are a series of videos, unlockable music tracks, and historical teams to go along with the 2006 season's NFL rosters.

Game Controls


D-Pad or Analog Stick = move your player
X Button = sprint
R Button = review coach cam
Square Button + Square, X, Circle, L or R Button= call an audible
Triangle Button = cancel the audible
Select Button = call timeout


X Button = snap ball
Triangle Button (+ receiver button) + D-Pad Up = fly pattern
Triangle Button (+ receiver button) + D-Pad Down = curl pattern
Triangle Button (+ receiver button) + D-Pad Left or Right = in or out pattern
Triangle Button + D-Pad Up = change passing play to play action
Square Button+ D-Pad Left or Right = playmaker control
Triangle Button (+ receiver button) + Analog Stick Down = smart route
Triangle Button (+ running back, full back or tight end button) + L or R Button = keep back or tight end in to block left or right
D-Pad or Analog Stick Up or Down + Left or Right = send a player in motion
L Button + D-Pad Up or Down = spread or pinch offensive line protection
L Button + D-Pad Left or Right = shift pocket offensive line protection left or right


Triangle Button + Analog Stick Up = backs "truck" over defenders, agile backs dodge the tackler
Triangle Button + Analog Stick Down = back juke
Triangle Button + Analog Stick Left or Right = big juke left or right
Triangle Button + Analog Stick Left + Analog Stick Right = double moves
X Button (repeatedly) = break tackle
Square Button (tap) = QB slide
Square Button (hold) = QB dive
R Button = stiff arm
Circle Button = spin
L Button = cut moves


Triangle, Square, Circle, L or R Button = throw the ball
D-Pad or Analog Stick = preceision passing
X Button (hold while running) = QB scramble
Circle Button (while ball is airborne) = control intended receiver
Square Button = dive for pass
X Button = sprint
Triangle Button = jump, catch


Triangle Button + Analog Stick Up or Down = impact block or cut block
Triangle Button + Analog Stick Left or Right = turn block left or right
L Button = pull or hold defender


Triangle Button (hold) = no huddle offense
Circle Button (hold) = spike ball to stop the clock
Square Button (hold) = fake spike trick play



X or Circle Button = choose a player
Square Button + D-Pad Up = hook zone, repeat for a deep zone
Square Button + D-Pad Down = blitz, repeat for a QB contain blitz
Square Button + D-Pad Left = QB spy coverage
Square Button + D-Pad Right = flat zone, repeat for a curl zone
Triangle Button (+ offensive player button ) + D-Pad Right = put defender into man-to-man coverage
L Button + D-Pad Up = spread the defensive ends outside the tackles
L Button + D-Pad Down = move the line in tight between the tackles
L Button + D-Pad Left or Right = shift the line left or right
L + R Button + D-Pad Up or Down = spread linebackers out or in tight
L + R Button + D-Pad Left or Right = shift linebacksers left or right
Triangle Button + D-Pad Down or Up = put DBs into bump and run or loose coverage
Triangle Button + D-Pad Right = shift the safeties and linebacksers into better position to cover their assigned man


Circle Button = control player nearest to the ball
Triangle Button + Analog Stick = hit stick
Square Button = dive
X Button = sprint, shove blocker
Triangle Button = jump, intercept, hands up
L Button (when not engaged) = strip ball, swat ball
R Button (when not engaged) = strafe
L or R Button (when engaged) = rip or spin left or right ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide