Sergeant York

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When World War I hero Alvin York agreed to sell the movie rights to his life story to @Warner Bros., it was on three conditions: (1) That the film contains no phony heroics, (2) that Mrs.York not be played by a Hollywood "glamour girl" and (3) That Gary Cooper portray York on screen. All three conditions were met, and the result is one of the finest and most inspirational biographies ever committed to celluloid. When the audience first meets young farmer Alvin York (Cooper), he's the cussin'est, hell-raisin'est critter in the entire Tennessee Valley. All of this changes when York is struck by lighting during a late-night rainstorm. Chalking up the bolt from the blue as a message from God, York does a complete about-face and finds Religion, much to the delight of local preacher Rosier Pile (Walter Brennan). Despite plenty of provocation, York vows never to get angry at anyone ever again, determining to be a good husband and provider for his sweetheart Gracie Williams (Joan Leslie). When America goes to war in 1917, York elects not to answer the call when drafted, declaring himself a conscientious objector. Forced to go to boot camp, he proves himself a born leader, yet still he balks at the thought of killing anyone. York's understanding commanding officer Major Buxton (Stanley Ridges) slowly convinces the young pacifist that violence is sometimes the only way to defend Democracy. Later on, while serving with the AEF in the Argonne Forest, Sergeant York sees several of his buddies, including his Bronxite best pal Pusher Ross (George Tobias), killed in an enemy ambush. His anger aroused, York personally kills 25 German soldiers, then single-handedly captures 132 prisoners. As a result, York becomes the most decorated hero of WW1, celebrated by no less than General John J. Pershing as "the greatest civilian soldier" of the war. The film won Gary Cooper his first Academy Award, and also picked up an Oscar for Best Film Editing. Not surprisingly, it ended up as the highest-grossing film of 1941. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Sergeant York: Feature Film
1. Credits and Dedication [1:39]
2. Mighty Good Shootin' [5:06]
3. What War? [3:23]
4. No Excuses [2:37]
5. Ma Wants You [5:34]
6. How Religion Comes [5:17]
7. Nobody But Gracie [3:08]
8. Courtin' Call [4:48]
9. Nothing I Can't Get [4:43]
10. Sweat for Bottomland [6:16]
11. Four-Day Extension [3:12]
12. Straightest Shooter [5:20]
13. Prize Not Landed [3:15]
14. Lightning Strike [3:49]
15. Help of the Lord [5:39]
16. Draft Board Appeal [4:14]
17. Not Exempt [3:26]
18. Off to War [2:58]
19. Camp Gordon [4:22]
20. Bull's Eye [4:32]
21. Another Good Book [6:49]
22. God and Country [5:16]
23. Death up Close [3:23]
24. October 8, 1918 [4:41]
25. Outflanking the Germans [2:19]
26. Machine Gun Nest [4:27]
27. Pusher Changes Cars [1:27]
28. York's Prisoners [5:15]
29. To Save Lives [3:29]
30. Honors for a Hero [5:34]
31. Homecoming [3:40]
32. Tennessee's Gift [3:18]
33. Cast List [:47]
Disc #2 -- Sergeant York: Special Features-
1. Introduction and Credits [2:29]
2. Westerner and Little Boy [3:47]
3. Romantic Figure [4:41]
4. Common Man [4:57]
5. Deeds, Doe and York [4:44]
6. Unexpected Heroes [6:03]
7. Playing Innocent [3:24]
8. The Fountainhead [2:56]
9. High Noon [3:49]
10. From Outsider to Charmer [3:12]
11. Vanished World [5:26]
12. End Credits [:38]

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