Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

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Putt, swing, and slice with some of the biggest names in golf as you travel to various real and fantasy courses in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Practice your swing, play against human opponents online, or gather a team of golfers and go head-to-head against Tiger Woods and his team of birdie-scoring buddies. The game features 21 courses including the Four Seasons Resort Avaira, the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island, Riviera Country Club, the K Club, and more with in-game commentary provided by David Feherty and Gary McCord. Select your character from such golfers as +Vijay Singh, +Ian Poulter, Annika Sorenstam, and John Daly, or create your own character from a variety of clothing, facial features, equipment licenses, and specialty items. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 comes with several gameplay options including "Team Tour," "Career," "Practice," and mini-games such as One-Ball, Battle Golf, and more. Characters will no longer spend money to earn experience points, and will gain experience by spending time in the "Practice" area shooting from six different tee boxes. Performance of your skills on the practice green translates to improved character stats that carry over into your career game. You also have two types of swing styles, Standard and Swing Stick, and the game will adjust the difficulty based on how well you are playing. To aim your shot, look for the circular area with a size determined by such factors as attributes and club choice, and then take a shot towards your goal. Online play features three person tournaments, stat trackers, leader boards, the ESPN ticker, radio updates, and news.

Game Controls


Square Button = select shot type
Triangle Button = reset targeting marker
Circle Button = zoom to target
L1 Button = change camera view
L2 Button = change camera view, skills 18 camera
Right Analog Stick = adjust ball in stance
R1 Button = switch clubs
R2 Button = switch clubs
Select Button = hole details
Start Button = pause menu


Square Button = watch a replay
Triangle Button = fast forward shot
Circle Button = mulligan
L1 Button = power boost
L2 Button = add ball spin
R1 Button = speed play
R2 Button = change max putting
Start Button = pause menu


Left Analog Stick Down = begin backswing
Left Analog Stick Up = downswing


L1 Button = show the angle from behind the hole
X Button = show ideal line to the hole
Circle Button = raises the camera for overhead view
R1 or R2 Button = change maximum distance of putter