Journey Back to Oz [Special Edition]

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In this animated follow-up to the classic fantasy The Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy (voiced by Liza Minnelli, whose mother Judy Garland played the same role in the 1939 film) decides to return to the land of Oz to pay a visit to her good friend The Scarecrow (voice of Mickey Rooney). However, shortly after her arrival Dorothy discovers all is not well in the land of magic; the evil witch Mombi (voice of Ethel Merman) has arrived to pick up where the Wicked Witch of the West left off, and is using her sinister powers to rob Scarecrow of her powers. Dorothy realizes it's up to her to save Oz from Mombi's machinations, and she teams up with Woodenhead (voice of Herschel Bernardi) and Pumpkinhead (voice of Paul Lynde) to see justice done. Produced in 1964 but not released until 1971, Journey Back To Oz also features the voice talents of Milton Berle, Danny Thomas, Paul Ford and Margaret Hamilton. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Journey Back to Oz
1. Opening/A Storm Brewing [7:50]
2. Back to Oz [8:01]
3. House of the Witch [5:24]
4. A Flying Pursuit [8:22]
5. The Emerald City [10:24]
6. Tinland [6:20]
7. The Mighty Lion [9:39]
8. The Ferocious Forest [3:37]
9. A Dire Emergency [7:10]
10. No Place to Hide [6:18]
11. A Celebration in Oz [9:10]
12. Closing Credits [2:33]