The Soul Children

Soul Children/Genesis

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Track Listing

  1. I'll Understand
  2. Move Over
  3. When Tomorrow Comes
  4. Sweeter He Is Pt. 1
  5. Sweeter He Is PT 2
  6. Tighten Up My Thang
  7. Give 'Em Love
  8. Doing Our Thang
  9. Take Up the Slack
  10. Super Soul
  11. My Bby Specializes
  12. I Want to Be Loved
  13. Don't Take My Sunshine
  14. Hearsay
  15. All That Sihnes Ain't Gol
  16. It Hurts Me to My Heart
  17. I'm Loving You More Every
  18. Just the One (I've Been L
  19. Never Get Enough of Your
  20. All Day Preaching
  21. Get Up About Yourself