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This fun, silly thriller written and directed by Michael Crichton manages to combine the dramatic murders of beautiful models, a secret conspiracy to use TV commercials for mind-control, and an unusual seeing-eye device which makes the wearer invisible. Plastic surgeon Larry Roberts (Albert Finney) becomes the prime suspect after two models on whom he operated are killed. Larry becomes suspicious because both of the women came into his office asking for very precise and seemingly unnecessary physical alterations. Agreeing to operate, because the women's jobs depended on the surgery, Larry must now clear his own name and save his life and career. With the aid of a friend and model Cindy (Susan Dey), Larry discovers and foils the plot led by corporation-head John Reston (James Coburn). Larry must then fight for his life against Reston's thugs who are equipped with the devices, called "Lookers." This is good, if silly fun and Albert Finney does his best with a somewhat implausible script. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Looker
1. List of Defects [2:32]
2. Credits [1:26]
3. Dead in a Flash [3:54]
4. Cindy's Checkup [3:44]
5. Misplaced Items [3:35]
6. Tragic Tina [5:38]
7. Link to Digital Matrix [6:37]
8. Computer Matching [4:17]
9. Perfect Score [3:34]
10. Topographic Scan [4:09]
11. Perfect Female Type [2:42]
12. Right to Know [3:46]
13. Dazed and Confused [2:23]
14. Late-Night Snooping [2:22]
15. Cleaning Crew [2:50]
16. Looker Lab [3:18]
17. Pulses and Punches [4:52]
18. Office Stalkers [6:22]
19. Traffic Lights [3:40]
20. Problem With Unit 12 [2:25]
21. High-Tech Demonstration [3:24]
22. Deadly Distractions [5:38]
23. Target Malpractice [6:16]
24. End Credits [3:48]