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A Hispanic teenager travels the rough road to adult responsibility earlier than she expected in this independent drama. Magdalena (Emily Rios) is a young Latina who is looking forward to her upcoming quinceañera celebration -- the 15th birthday party that marks the passage into adulthood for Mexican-American women. Magdalena's expectations are raised by the lavish party her older cousin Eileen (Alicia Sixtos) gets for the occasion, but Magdalena's mother (Araceli Guzman-Rico) and father (Jesus Castanos-Chima) insist on a lower-key affair that will focus on the more responsible aspects of grown-up life. However, Magdalena gets a crash course in that subject when she discovers she's pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, Herman (J.R. Cruz); life at home becomes unbearable for her, and she leaves to live with her more sympathetic uncle, Tio Thomas (Chalo Gonzalez). Home for Tio Thomas and Magdalena is a small apartment in a building owned by James (Jason L. Wood) and Gary (David W. Ross), a gay couple looking to gentrify the neighborhood. Magdalena strikes up a friendship with her cousin Carlos (Jesse Garcia), a roughneck teen with a good heart who is also on the outs with his family when they discover he's experimenting with his sexuality. Produced in part by Todd Haynes, Quinceañera received its premiere at the ~2006 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Quinceanera
1. Showtime [3:50]
2. Behind the Scenes [2:48]
3. A Bailar! [3:51]
4. The Hummer Limo [3:15]
5. The Bench [3:17]
6. House Warming [3:19]
7. Next Top Quinceañera [2:31]
8. Trouble Maker [4:18]
9. Loss for Words [3:42]
10. The Dress [3:55]
11. The Test [3:15]
12. Echo Parke! [2:49]
13. Who's the Father? [2:44]
14. Trying to Help [3:02]
15. Strong Swimmers [2:48]
16. Cinco de Mayo [3:55]
17. Barbeque [3:07]
18. Not in Service [3:47]
19. Talk of the School [3:13]
20. After 28 Years [3:45]
21. New Shirt [3:37]
22. Making Plans [2:37]
23. New Home [1:36]
24. The Shrine [2:32]
25. The Miracle [1:46]
26. Carlos Steps Up [3:02]
27. Science and Religion [1:27]
28. La Quinceañera [6:37]