Resistance: Fall of Man

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Re-creating world history, Resistance: Fall of Man invites players to travel back to 1950, where an evil force called the Chimera threatens to destroy mankind. Playing as U.S. Army Ranger Nathan Hale, gamers exploring the single-player campaign are enlisted to help the U.S. and British armies defend what is left of civilized Europe. To help with this arduous task, gamers are supplied with a variety of weapons including the Auger, a lightning gun that burns through all solid objects including an enemy's cover, the Sapper, a type of weapon that shoots ooze just as flammable and volatile as napalm, and the Hedgehog, a type of grenade that shoots 50 spikes in all directions. Players may also go on a mobile assault through the game by commandeering such vehicles as the Lynx, an alien Stalker, and more. Offline, players can team up with a friend for split-screen multiplayer action complete with the use of vehicles. Online, up to 40 gamers can get together for such events as "Deathmatch," "Meltdown," and "Breach." In "Breach," players must take out the opposition's reactor while simultaneously taking control of five "nodes" located throughout the map. "Meltdown" is a simplified version where gamers focus on controlling the five "nodes," and unlike "Breach," the size of the map and number of players may be customized. Each "node" supplies gamers with a bonus, such as better radar or more weapons at the home base. Due to the large number of players per game, vehicles are not included in online multiplayer action.

Game Controls


D-Pad Up or Down = navigate menu, highlight menu item
D-pad Left or Right = adjust menu item
X Button = select highlighted menu item
Circle Button = previous screen, return to main menu
Start Button = pause game, open start menu


Left Analog Stick = move character
X Button = jump
Triangle Button = action, melee
L2 Button (hold) = crouch
Shake Controller or Left Analog Stick + Right Analog Stick = shake off enemy


Right Analog Stick = aim weapon, look
Circle Button = throw grenade
Square Button = reload
R1 Button = primary fire
L1 Button = alternate fire
R2 Button (hold) + Left Analog Stick = weapon quick select
R2 + Circle Button = switch select rings
R2 Button = cycle weapons
R3 Button = toggle zoom
D-Pad Up or Down = grenade select
D-Pad Right = spotlight on or off
Start Button = pause game, open start menu


Triangle Button = enter, exit
Left Analog Stick = forward, back
Right Analog Stick = camera, rotate turret
R1 Button = cannon
L1 Button = machine gun
Circle Button = switch to turret
Right Analog Stick = aim
R1 Button = fire
Start Button = pause game, open start menu


Triangle Button = enter, exit
X or R2 Button = accelerate
Square Button = brake, reverse
L1 Button = emergency brake
Left Analog Stick = steer
Right Analog Stick = look
Circle Button = switch to passenger seat
R1 Button = fire
Start Button = pause game, open start menu