Rickie Lee Jones

Sermon on Exposition Boulevard

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Track Listing

  1. Nobody Knows My Name
  2. Gethsemane
  3. Falling Up
  4. Lamp of My Body
  5. It Hurts
  6. Where I Like It Best
  7. Tried to Be a Man
  8. Circle in the Sand
  9. Donkey Ride
  10. 7th Day
  11. Elvis Cadillac
  12. Road to Emmaus
  13. I Was There
  14. How It All Began
  15. Turn It Down
  16. Late Night Song
  17. Threat of the Bomb
  18. Tried to Be a Man
  19. The Mystery Box
  20. It Hurts
  21. I Have Another Day
  22. Caught Me in It's Ray
  23. Haven't Had Anything to Eat Today
  24. I Was There
  25. Creditsbonus MP3S for Download to MP3 Player