Cinderella Liberty

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A "Cinderella Liberty" is Navy jargon for a pass that runs out at midnight. Sailor John Baggs, Jr. (James Caan) has such a pass, and intends to make the most of it while his ship is docked in Seattle. He "wins" prostitute Maggie (Marsha Mason) in a pool game, but backs off at a "wham-bam-thank you ma'am" when he finds out that Maggie has a son, an 11-year-old mulatto (Kirk Calloway) -- and that there's another baby on the way. John has so much empathy for Maggie's travails that he marries her. When she loses her baby, however, Maggie feels unable to resign herself to living with John, plagued by both guilt and an unwillingness to be tied down -- thus forcing John to fight for her. Darryl Ponicsan adapted his own novel. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Cinderella Liberty
1. Welcome Home! [2:49]
2. Medical Exam [2:54]
3. Main Titles/Cinderella Liberty [2:14]
4. Club Neptune [7:01]
5. Paying Up [2:15]
6. Show Some Respect [4:25]
7. Shore Patrol [7:10]
8. Birthday Cake [4:07]
9. Get Out [:37]
10. Lynn Forshay [3:46]
11. No Records, No Pay [1:56]
12. My Broad [7:54]
13. Family Outing [:56]
14. Social Worker Visit [1:16]
15. What Is Love? [7:49]
16. Baggs Returns [1:37]
17. Family Man [:33]
18. In the Eyes of the Navy [4:36]
19. Mouth of Poverty [4:01]
20. Delivery [2:03]
21. Bad News [3:19]
22. Giving Up [6:59]
23. The Letter [4:25]
24. The New Baggs/End Titles [1:07]