Pleasure Drivers

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Lauren Holly, Lacey Chabert, Billy Zane, Angus Macfadyen, and Meatloaf all star in Cube 2 director Adrzej Sekula's darkly comic tale of interconnecting lives. The setting is the City of Angels, the players: a deranged kidnapper, a ruthless lesbian assassin, a sociopath call-girl, and a demented cult leader. Daphne (Holly) is an empathetic caregiver who has been tending to the needs of sever head-trauma patient Tom (Angelo Spizzirri). Tom's father is the head of a highly-profitable cult-like church. Though the shady religious sect proves highly profitable, it turns out that the greedy guru has been keeping most of the profits to himself while paying Daphne such a meager wage that she isn't even able to afford Tom's medicine. Frustrated after being refused a raise by the mysterious religious fanatic, Daphne eventually resorts to kidnapping Tom's mentally deficient sister (Steffany Huckaby) as a means of raising the funds needed to care for her helpless patient. Meanwhile, after a neurotic college professor (MacFadyen) is abandoned by his wife for another woman, he sets out on the road with a sexy student (Chabert) who's willing to do whatever it takes to maintain her GPA. When cold-blooded killer Marcy (Jill Bennett) is hired to take out Daphne and put an end to the well-intended kidnapping plot, all three stories come crashing together through a series of shocking coincidences. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Pleasure Drivers
1. Opening Sequence [6:29]
2. Out of Cigarettes [10:43]
3. It's Ok [5:39]
4. I'm Home [4:41]
5. Reservation [7:22]
6. Cousin Dale [11:10]
7. Motel [6:39]
8. Almost Done [4:29]
9. Beautiful Desert [5:30]
10. Never Done This [7:06]
11. So Angry [5:46]
12. That Hurt [4:26]
13. Wonderful Father [6:30]
14. Screw With Daphne [4:35]
15. Fleeing [4:36]
16. End Credits [3:00]