Wicked Little Things

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The Forsaken director J.S. Cardone returns to the helm for this tale of a widowed mother of two who discovers a dark secret about the land surrounding her newly inherited mountain home. When her husband died and Karen Tunny inherited his family's remote mountain estate, she never could have foreseen the terror that was about to be unfold. It was 1913 when a tragic mining accident claimed the lives of numerous children who were forced to descend into its darkened depths, and their restless spirits are still rumored to roam the area around the sprawling home. Now, as Karen and her two young daughters attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered family life, the dark history of the land deemed cursed by the fearful locals stumbles screaming into the glowing moonlight of the present as the children who were once buried alive come out to seek revenge. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Wicked Little Things
1. Just a Child [4:07]
2. The New House [5:17]
3. Unsettling Feelings [6:01]
4. Trouble Sleeping [3:45]
5. No Place to Live [6:37]
6. Forest Explorer [4:17]
7. Turned Around [2:24]
8. Mr. Hanks [4:53]
9. Late Night Rendezvous [4:43]
10. Bumps in the Night [2:56]
11. Lasting Memories [3:45]
12. Crazy Talk [4:02]
13. Carlton Line [4:40]
14. Making a Move [3:52]
15. Stuck in a Nightmare [5:52]
16. Real Threat [4:14]
17. The Mine Shaft [3:51]
18. Tunny Blood [7:21]
19. Carlton Chase [5:45]
20. Goodbye Addytown [5:31]