Stevie Nicks

Crystal Visions: Very Best of Stevie Nicks

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Track Listing

  1. Edge of Seventeen (CD)
  2. I Can't Wait (CD)
  3. Sorcerer (CD)
  4. If Anyone Falls in Love (CD)
  5. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (With Tom Petty) (CD)
  6. Silver Springs (With Fleetwood Mac) (CD)
  7. Dreams (With Deep Dish) (CD)
  8. Rhiannon (Live) (CD)
  9. Rooms on Fire (CD)
  10. Talk to Me (CD)
  11. Landslide (Live with the Melbourne Symphony) (CD)
  12. Stand Back (CD)
  13. Planets of the Universe (CD)
  14. Rock and Roll (Live) (CD)
  15. Leather and Lace (With Don Henley) (CD)
  16. Edge of Seventeen (Live with the Melbourne Symphony) (CD)
  17. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (With Tom Petty) (DVD)
  18. Edge of Seventeen (DVD)
  19. Stand Back (Scarlett Version) (DVD)
  20. Stand Back (DVD)
  21. If Anyone Falls in Love (DVD)
  22. Talk to Me (DVD)
  23. I Can't Wait (DVD)
  24. Rooms on Fire (DVD)
  25. Whole Lotta Trouble (DVD)
  26. Sometimes It's a Bitch (DVD)
  27. Blue Denim (DVD)
  28. Every Day (DVD)
  29. Sorcerer (With Sheryl Crow) (DVD)
  30. Bonus Material [DVD]