Rocky Balboa [Widescreen]

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Sylvester Stallone returns to the director's chair for Rocky Balboa, the fifth sequel to the film that made him a superstar 30 years before. The movie begins with Rocky (Stallone) still mourning the death of his loyal and beloved wife, Adrian, who died three years previously after losing a battle against cancer. Rocky owns an Italian restaurant and spends his days living in his working-class Philadelphia neighborhood, visiting with his customers, and telling stories about his past. His grown son has a job as a business professional, but the relationship between the two is strained. Rocky's growing dissatisfaction leads him to attempt to purge the feelings of frustration and loss by applying for a boxing license. When the current heavyweight champion, Mason "The Line" Dixon (Antonio Tarver), needs to rehabilitate his image as a pretty boy who has never shown any real heart in the ring, his manager offers Rocky an exhibition match. This comeback allows Rocky to get his own life back on track, while also offering him the opportunity to help those around him redeem themselves and once again be a symbol of hope for the common man. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Rocky Balboa
1. Start [5:51]
2. Big Shadow [2:38]
3. Adrian's [3:06]
4. The Tour [5:02]
5. Marie [5:11]
6. A Lot of History [3:27]
7. Special Guests [2:29]
8. Then Vs. Now [2:56]
9. A Lot of Good Mileage Left [4:23]
10. Home Team [5:37]
11. The Beast Inside [2:18]
12. What's Right [3:02]
13. Legacy on the Line [2:07]
14. "Who Put This Stuff in Your Head?" [3:04]
15. Paulie Takes a Hit [2:58]
16. "Fighters Fight" [4:23]
17. "See You at the Fight" [1:56]
18. The Hardest Hitter [4:21]
19. A New Corner Man [1:23]
20. Building Hurtin' Bombs [3:31]
21. The Last Thing to Age [3:24]
22. The Chairman & The Stallion [5:06]
23. "Enjoy the Ride" [2:53]
24. Heavy Bag Vs. Punching Bag [3:24]
25. Rattling Ancestors [4:59]
26. The Stuff in the Basement [3:22]
27. Valedictory [2:39]
28. "We Did It" [5:55]