Harry and the Hendersons [Special Edition]

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While vacationing in the Pacific Northwest, the Henderson clan's dad, George (John Lithgow); mom, Nancy (Melinda Dillon); daughter, Sarah (Margaret Langrick); and son, Ernie (Joshua Rudoy), accidently run over a strange animal with their car, and when they get out to see what it is, they find the seemingly dead body of a hairy Bigfoot-type monster (Kevin Peter Hall). Believing that the creature is a grizzly bear, the Hendersons take it home, planning to stuff the beast and put it on display in their living room. Predictably, the hirsute monster revives and is adopted by the family as a pet. Originally conceived as a TV series by comedian Brad Garrett, Harry and the Hendersons ultimately did make it to the small screen as a weekly syndicated sitcom in 1990, with Kevin Peter Hall repeating the title role during the series' first 24 episodes. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Harry and the Hendersons
1. Survival of the Fittest (Main Titles) [3:54]
2. A Big Deal [6:44]
3. Roadside Hazard [3:25]
4. Horrible Smell [7:14]
5. Home Improvments [8:07]
6. A Visit From Irene [5:03]
7. Real Proof [3:18]
8. Settling In [9:36]
9. Bigfoot Rumors [7:12]
10. The Sasquatch Legend [5:47]
11. Friendly Not Ferocious [6:47]
12. Talk of the Town [4:28]
13. Trash Run [6:03]
14. Vital Facts [9:25]
15. Rush Hour [7:15]
16. Goodbye, Harry [2:54]
17. One of the Family [9:16]
18. End Titles [4:09]