Ruby and Oswald

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Producer/director Mel Stuart, who'd previously worked with David L. Wolper on the historical-recreation series Appointment with Destiny, applies the same docudrama techniques to the feature length Ruby and Oswald. Framed in the form of a documentary, the film recounts the days just prior to the Kennedy assassination, then traces the events leading to the fatal confrontation between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. There is a smattering of "conspiracy" speculation, but the script generally sticks to the known facts. The dramatized recreations are interspersed with actual footage of the dark days in November, including JFK's funeral. Made for TV, Ruby and Oswald has been rereleased as Four Days in Dallas. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Ruby and Oswald
1. Chapter 1 [20:16]
2. Chapter 2 [20:32]
3. Chapter 3 [19:26]
4. Chapter 4 [17:29]
5. Chapter 5 [16:06]
6. Chapter 6 [11:06]