Silent Partner

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The Canadian "sleeper" The Silent Partner stars Elliott Gould as a teller, Miles Cullen, who figures out psycho Harry Reikle's (Christopher Plummer) scheme to rob his bank, several days ahead of time. Cullen providently squirrels away 50,000 dollars in a safety-deposit box before Reikle strikes. After the robbery, the papers report the amount of the bank's loss. Reikle realizes that there's 50,000 extra bucks floating around that he hasn't gotten his hands on. The soft-spoken but sadistic Reikle puts the screws on Cullen to fork over the dough -- but Cullen has lost the deposit-box key. Be forewarned: this one gets extremely brutal and bloody at times, with sudden bursts of graphic violence. Also featured is Susannah York as the fluctuating-loyalty heroine, and a very young and hairy John Candy. Future L.A. Confidential scribe Curtis Hanson loosely adapted the Danish novel -Think of a Number, by Anders Bodelsen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Silent Partner
1. Opening Credits [6:42]
2. Home Alone [4:54]
3. Lunchbox [6:02]
4. Mugshots [5:26]
5. Pat on the Back [4:46]
6. Julie's Apartment [4:42]
7. After the Party [7:11]
8. Forced Partnership [5:06]
9. Ransacked [5:08]
10. Setup [3:44]
11. Funeral [4:38]
12. Chance Encounter [3:54]
13. A Wedding [6:31]
14. Jail Visit [4:55]
15. Waiting for a Locksmith [5:04]
16. Trust [6:57]
17. Chilling Surprise [4:34]
18. Body Disposal [3:42]
19. Withdrawl [9:36]
20. End Credits [1:52]