The Darkness

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Based on the Top Cow comic, The Darkness is a mature, Mafioso adventure, set in modern times but steeled by ancient magic. Players take the leading role of mob hit man Jackie Estacado, who acquires supernatural powers known as "The Darkness" as he reaches his 21st birthday. Gameplay involves exploration and combat through interactive, destructible New York City environments. The plotline is balanced on conflicts between Jackie's ambitions and his family's underworld entrenchment, and on the conflicts between Jackie's own human personality and that of his supernatural side. The Darkness was developed by Sweden's Starbreeze Studios, which gained much positive recognition for its 2004 Xbox and PC game, The Chronicles of Riddick.

Game Controls

D-Pad Left or Right = switch weapons
D-Pad Up or Down = switch darkness power
Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look
X Button = use
Circle Button = reload
Square Button = redirect darkling
Triangle Button = jump
R1 Button = activate darkness power
R2 Button = fire right
R3 Button = toggle zoom
L1 Button = manifest the darkness
L2 Button = fire left
L3 Button = toggle crouch
Start Button = pause
Select Button = journal ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide