Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 swings onto Wii as the first "realistic" based golf title on the platform. Popular features from earlier versions are available in this installment, including eight challenge-oriented mini-games, 12 multiplayer modes, the "game face" character creator, and the ability to compete in a full PGA Tour season. A total of 18 championship courses are offered, from Pebble Beach to St. Andrews to The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. Tiger Woods leads a group of 34 other professional players, including such stars as John Daly, Vijay Singh, and Annika Sorenstam. Broadcasters David Feherty and Gary McCord bring their distinct sense of humor to the announcing booth, and video display options include 480p widescreen support for more lifelike visuals. The key difference between the Wii version and other games, of course, is the controls. Players will use the Wii Remote like a club, pulling it back to simulate the backswing and sliding it forward to simulate the follow-through. Unlike previous attempts at the sport, however, movement takes place along a horizontal plane, starting with the left for left-handed players or with the right for right-handed players. As players quickly slide the controller to the left or right, draw or fade can be added to the ball by slightly tilting their wrists. Those who prefer a more traditional approach to swinging can always opt for the analog-based "shot stick" method with the Nunchuk. Other refinements to the Wii game include a new drag-and-drop interface, swing sound effects through the Wii Controller's speaker, and new practice options and tutorials.

Game Controls


- Button = go back to previous menu
+ Button = advance menus


1 Button = select shot type
Control Pad Up or Down = switch clubs
Control Pad Left or Right = aiming adjustment
A Button + Remote Move (to icon) + B Button (hold) + Remote Move = move targeting marker
2 Button = reset the targeting marker and shot type
A Button = zoom to target
- Button = practice mode, shot camera
B Button (hold) + Remote Move Back + Remote Move Forward = engage swing
B Button (release) = cancel the swing


Control Pad + Remote Shake (rapidly) = add spin
1 Button = replay shot
2 Button = mulligan
A Button (hold) = fast-forward to end of shot


Control Pad Left or Right = aiming adjustment
A Button (hold) = ideal shot camera
B Button (hold) + Remote Move Back + Remote Move Forward = engage putt
B Button (release) = cancel swing ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide