Cooking Mama: Cook Off

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Step back into the kitchen with Cooking Mama as you prove your exceptional culinary credentials in a fast-paced Cook Off. Mama is back with 55 international recipes hailing from such countries as England, China, Spain, Germany, and Italy. You will use over 300 different food items to create dishes that range in difficulty and include such specialties as cream puffs, pan-fried crab, hot dogs, and bouillabaisse. The tutorial mode invites both beginning and professional chefs to explore the controls of the Wii-Remote and how movement affects what happens on the screen. Single-players can challenge ten virtual competitors and then cook against them for top prize. Real-time cooking is designed to simulate the creation of an actual meal, and you must make snap decisions based on the information provided on the screen. Winning unlocks additional items and recipes to expand your kitchen. Each meal you make is graded by Mama herself, and based on the quality of food, you can earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Playing against friends, you must finish a meal first to win, however, low quality and burnt items can drop your overall score.

Game Controls

A Button = advance menu
B Button = grab and hold item ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide