On the Riviera

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On the Riviera is a remake of 1941's Weekend in Havana, which in turn was a remake of 1934's Folies Bergere. The plot remains the same in all three incarnations: for business purposes, a nightclub entertainer is coerced into posing as his look-alike, a powerful financier/aviator. This time it's Danny Kaye who essays the dual role of American cabaret comedian Jack Martin and French financial wizard Henri Duran. While impersonating Duran, Martin is forced to make amorous advances towards Duran's neglected wife (Gene Tierney), proving himself the better lover in the process. Meanwhile, Martin must mollify his genuine sweetheart (and nightclub partner) Collette (Corinne Calvet) without revealing his ruse. A little too top-heavy in the plot department, On the Riviera must be regarded as a second-echelon Danny Kaye vehicle, though Sylvia Fine's specialty numbers -- especially the eerily autobiographical "Popo the Puppet" -- are well up to standard. One of the uncredited specialty dancers is future Broadway star Gwen Verdon. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- On the Riviera
1. Main Titles/On the Riviera [4:45]
2. Duran Lands [5:08]
3. Something Sensational [3:33]
4. Duran Impersonation [1:39]
5. Rhythm of a New Romance [4:37]
6. It's Incredible [4:33]
7. Ballin' the Jack [3:29]
8. Nothing to Lose [2:29]
9. The Lovely Lili [1:41]
10. Indisposed [7:59]
11. Business Matter [3:32]
12. Love Masquerade [:48]
13. The Real Duran [:38]
14. Popo the Puppet [2:52]
15. Where's Henri? [2:34]
16. Hmmmm... [1:39]
17. Love Triangle [4:41]
18. Worst Fears [4:24]
19. Coming Clean [2:00]
20. Happy Ending [2:37]