Mass Effect

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The heroism of one brave human being could have a massive effect on the entire galaxy, in this original sci-fi RPG from Bioware. Players take the customizable role of a celebrated starship captain, who is exploring the fringes of known space when the story begins. Mass Effect is set soon after human beings have discovered the secrets to interstellar travel, and the people of Earth were both surprised and challenged to find that the universe is full of intelligent races that are far more advanced than they. However, it may very well be those human ties to a more primal nature that ultimately save all the space-faring species from destruction. Built on a third-generation version of the Unreal game engine, Mass Effect features real-time combat, in which players take limited command of a three-soldier squad. Decisions made by the hero, both in the heat of battle and in sophisticated role-playing sequences, will affect many details and may even influence the final outcome of the plot. Mass Effect is intended as the first of a trilogy of Xbox 360 games from BioWare. Between the launches of each full game in the series, the developer intends to release additional levels, side-stories, and other Mass Effect material through the Xbox Live service.

Game Controls


Left Trigger = zoom
Left Bumper = toggle last weapon
Left Bumper (Hold) = use weapon wheel
Right Trigger = fire weapon
Right Bumper = use favorite power
Right Bumper (Hold) = use power wheel
Left Thumbstick or D-Pad Up = move
Back Button = grenade
Start Button = mission computer
Y Button = first aid
X Button = draw weapon
B Button = holster weapon
A Button = activate, interact, storm
D-Pad Left = rally
D-Pad Right = target
D-Pad Down = take cover
Right Thumbstick = look
Right Thumbstick Button = increase zoom