Black Holes and Revelations [China Bonus DVD]

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Track Listing

    Track Title


  1. Take a Bow 4:35
  2. Starlight 3:59
  3. Supermassive Black Hole 3:29
  4. Map of the Problematique 4:18
  5. Soldier's Poem 2:03
  6. Invincible 5:00
  7. Assassin 3:31
  8. Exo-Politics 3:53
  9. City of Delusion 4:48
  10. Hoodoo 3:43
  11. Knights of Cydonia 6:06
  12. Supermassive Black Hole [*][Multimedia Track]
  13. Starlight [*][Multimedia Track]
  14. Knights of Cydonia [*][Multimedia Track]
  15. Supermassive Black Hole [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
  16. Starlight [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
  17. Knights of Cydonia [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
  18. Sunburn [DVD]
  19. Butterflies and Hurricanes [DVD]
  20. Bliss [DVD]
  21. Time Is Running Out [DVD]
  22. Plug in Baby [DVD]
  23. Blackout [DVD]
  24. Fury [DVD][*]
  25. The Small Print [DVD][*]
  26. Stockholm Syndrome [DVD][*]
  27. The Groove [DVD][*]
  28. Riff Rucas [DVD][*]
  29. Endlessly [DVD][*]
  30. Thoughts of a Dying Athiest [DVD][*]


Naysayers listen up. Teignmouth, England's Muse refuse to be the "next" Radiohead. Since forming in 1997, this alternative rock trio has continuously battled comparisons to the famed Oxford group while ambitiously creating a sound of their own. British fans have praised the group for years, despite Americans taking until Absolution to discover Muse and give them their props. Whether or not you championed the grand dramatics of Absolution, Muse is a solid band and Black Holes and Revelations defines that with a passion. Rich Costey joins Muse in the co-production of this 11-song set; together, they create the band's most realized and meticulous album to date. "Take a Bow" sets the scene immediately with mesmerizing full rock orchestration layered in waves of synthesizers and percussion, building up to vocalist/guitarist Matthew Bellamy's aching performance of a world torn apart by its own instability. Though frequently compared to Queen's Freddie Mercury and Thom Yorke, Bellamy comes into his own here. He, drummer Dominic Howard, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme appear completely in sync for the first time. Sure, their previous work showed promise, but they sound like a complete band on Black Holes and Revelations. The sultry, swaggering "Supermassive Black Hole" and the razor-edged paranoiac "Assassin" are good examples of how adamant Muse is about delivering the biggest rock roll package they possibly can. Bellamy howls "You and I must fight for our rights/You and I must fight to survive" on the riotous Rush-like megalomania of "Knights of Cydonia," and it's true -- they've totally fought for their craft on this one. It may have taken four albums for Americans to get it, but with Black Holes and Revelations, the whole world should be watching. [This edition of the CD came packaged with an additional bonus DVD of music videos.] ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi