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Games include game, cover art, and case. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required.

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Sessions of Skate take place in a fictitious world called San Vanelona and are designed to offer gamers a realistic skateboarding experience. Players pick from a roster of characters that include Danny Way and PJ Ladd, and then explore the city while using the triggers and analog sticks to perform a wide variety of tricks and jumps. The goal is to become a famous skater, unlock hidden skating areas, and anger the security guards in the "no skate" zones. Gamers must draw from their real-life skills as a way to improve their avatar instead of upgrading a character through missions to increase their abilities. Rather than placing ramps around the environment, EA invites gamers to explore the ledges, dropins, funboxes, and rails around the urban landscape. Because the game is intended to challenge players, a full replay mode allows gamers to view that sweet backside bigspin they finally landed. While reviewing their moves players can adjust the speed and camera angles and then save them for others to download.

Game Controls



L2 Button = left hand grab, crouch
R2 Button = right hand grab, crouch
L1 Button = toggle selection marker
R1 Button = initiate film challenges
D-Pad Right = gestures
Select Button = backpack
Start Button = pause menu
Triangle Button = action
Square Button = left foot push
Circle Button = brake
X Button = right foot push
Left Analog Stick = body control
Right Analog Stick = board control, flickit control


Left Analog Stick Up = crouch, pump
Left Analog Stick Left = turn
Left Analog Stick Right = spin
Left Analog Stick Diagonal Down Left or Diagonal Down Right = slide
Left Analog Stick Up or Down + Any Grab (On Take-Off) = flips


Right Analog Stick Down = ollie anticipation
Right Analog Stick Up = nollie anticipation


X Button = play, stop
Circle Button = exit
L2 Button = rewind cursor control
R2 Button = forward cursor control
Left Analog Stick = in point control
Right Analog Stick = out point control
D-Pad Down = create marker
D-Pad Up = delete marker
L1 Button = previous marker
R1 Button = next marker
Square Button = edit clip
D-Pad Left or Right = change camera
Triangle Button = replay menu
L3 Button = hide interface