Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

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Like its predecessor, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is a different "animal" on Wii than on the console's technologically superior competition. The golfers, courses, and some of the features are the same, but the emphasis is on delivering a more casual-friendly experience without sacrificing much of the depth that fans have come to expect from the series. There's a four-player Party Mode, for instance, and the Tiger Challenge is divided into several shorter scenarios that progressively become harder as players advance. The 50 assorted challenges are presented as icons on a map, allowing players to quickly enter various skill-based events, pro golfer battles, and more. The "shot confidence" feature found on competing versions is also available on Wii, where your performances are tracked over time to assess how risky or easy a shot is in relation to your skills. The control scheme from last year's game has been completely reworked, however. Whereas Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07's swing interface was little more than a substitute for analog controls, the interface here now takes into account a player's backswing position for power and wrist position during the follow through for draw and fade. The relationship between your motions and the on-screen results is still not 1:1, but it's designed to be closer in feel to a real swing, with enough leeway so those new to the sport can hit the ball with some success.

Game Controls



- Button = go back to previous menu (while in a menu)
A Button = advance menus (while in a menu)


1 Button = select shot type
2 Button = reset aim
D-Pad Up or Down = switch clubs
D-Pad Left or Right = aiming adjustment
A Button (Hold) + Move Wii Remote + B Button (Hold) = target marker adjustment
A Button (Hold) = zoom to target
- Button = practice swing (available in every mode except in skills 18)
- Button = shot camera (in skills 18)
+ Button = pause menu


D-Pad (In Desired Direction) + Shake Wii Remote = add spin
1 Button = replay shot (after swing is completed)
2 Button = mulligan (when turned on)
A Button (Hold) = fast-forward to end of shot


D-Pad Left or Right = aiming adjustment
- Button = putt preview (available in every mode except skills 18)


Point Wii Remote Down + B Button (Hold) + Swing Wii Remote Back = hit ball