Dark Sector

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Dark Sector is a futuristic shooter starring a character infected by a biological virus, imbuing him with mysterious powers. Black-ops soldier Hayden Tenno contracted the disease while on a covert mission to the fictitious Eastern European country of Lasria. Hayden's left arm has since mutated into something not quite human. Attached to this abnormal appendage is a three-blade glaive that can be charged and thrown at enemies or objects like a boomerang. Stunned enemies can then be finished off with well-aimed gunshots, or sliced open by using the glaive as a melee weapon. As Hayden struggles to find a way out of his predicament, the virus will gradually take over his body, granting him new abilities along the way. The action in Dark Sector is viewed from a third-person perspective set behind the lead protagonist's shoulder, with the screen free from heads-up displays in an attempt to draw players closer into the gritty, violent world. Online support is also included for ten-player competition over the PlayStation Network.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look
R3 Button = energy pulse
D-Pad Left = select rifle
D-Pad Right = select pistol, glaive combo
D-Pad Up = flashlight
D-Pad Down = mini-inventory
R1 Button = fire weapon
R2 Button = throw glaive
L1 Button = aim
L2 Button = throw grenade
Square Button = reload weapon, pick up item
Triangle Button = shield
Triangle Button (Hold) = shift
X Button = dodge, enter cover
X Button (Hold) = sprint
Circle Button = melee attack, finisher, action
Start Button = pause menu
Select Button = inventory menu