Deliverance [Deluxe Edition]

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Adapted from James Dickey's popular novel, John Boorman's 1972 movie recounts the grueling psychological and physical journey taken by four city slickers down a river in the backwoods of Georgia. At the behest of Iron John-esque Lewis (Burt Reynolds), the less adventuresome Ed (Jon Voight), Bobby (Ned Beatty), and Drew (Ronny Cox) agree to canoe down an uncharted section of the river before a dam project ruins the region. After warnings from the grimy, impoverished locals, and Drew's tuneful yet ominous "Dueling Banjos" encounter with a mute inbred boy, the four men embark on their trip, exulting in the beauty of nature and the initial thrill of the rapids. The next day, however, things begin to take a turn for the worse when Bobby and Ed decide to rest on shore after becoming separated from Lewis and Drew. Two rifle-wielding mountain men (Bill McKinney and Herbert "Cowboy" Coward) emerge from the woods, tying up Ed while one of them rapes Bobby and makes him "squeal like a pig." Lewis and Drew rescue them, but the attack irrevocably changes the tenor of the journey. As the river gets rougher and rougher, the men come to nightmarish grips with what it means to survive outside the safety net of "civilization." ~ Lucia Bozzola, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Deliverance
1. Last Chance [2:52]
2. Don't Know Nothin' [2:37]
3. "Duelling Banjos" [4:11]
4. Negotiations [3:38]
5. Speed to the River [3:54]
6. Pushing Off [2:48]
7. Banjo Boy [1:16]
8. First Rapids [4:26]
9. The Game: Survival [1:56]
10. Around Campfire [4:40]
11. Arrow Misses Mark [3:55]
12. Wrong Turn [5:28]
13. Reason to Squeal [4:28]
14. Arrow Hits Mark [3:35]
15. Where's the Law? [6:47]
16. Burial [3:24]
17. Capsized! [4:14]
18. Get to Play Game [4:57]
19. Ed's Ascent [4:39]
20. Encounter at Dawn [3:43]
21. Ed's Descent [4:53]
22. No End to It [2:15]
23. The Best of Us [2:10]
24. Raging Rapids [1:56]
25. Our Story [1:45]
26. Civilization [6:22]
27. Questions [3:28]
28. Visitng Lewis [2:10]
29. A Warning [3:22]
30. Yielding the Dead [2:50]