Coffee Date

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A simple brotherly joke goes hilariously awry in director Stewart Wade's zany tale of mistaken sexual identity. Todd's brother Barry wants to help his single sibling out by setting him up on a blind date. While all signs lead to a perfect match, it soon becomes obvious that Barry is having a little fun at his brother's expense when the Kelly in question turns out not to be a beautiful woman, but a homosexual male. Upon realizing that they have been duped by Todd's mischievous brother, the unlikely couple soon forms a warm friendship while concocting an elaborate scheme to one-up the unrepentant prankster. When Barry sees Todd and Kelly holding hands soon thereafter, he becomes convinced that his brother is, in fact, gay, and phones the pair's mother to break the news. As Todd's mother begins to see his son's disdain for sports and love of film as clear signs of his homosexuality that she has somehow managed to overlook, she determines to show her son that she will love him no matter what his lifestyle. But Todd's mother isn't the only one who is now convinced that her son is gay, and as suspicions begin to abound in his close-knit social circle, the hapless "homosexual" soon begins to wonder if there isn't some truth to the rumors after all. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Coffee Date
1. Sure You're Not Gay? [7:43]
2. My Brother Did This [7:39]
3. I Can't Stay Here [8:41]
4. PFLAG Mama! [7:39]
5. Cute Couple [8:23]
6. Happens to Older Guys [7:26]
7. Happy Birthday! [8:51]
8. One Sure Way [6:53]
9. Morning [8:57]
10. Boring Straight Guy? [7:55]
11. Grandma Always Said [7:09]
12. This Okay? [6:50]