NBA Live 08

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NBA Live makes its third Xbox 360 appearance with a new, dynamic broadcast-style camera angle that displays the on-court action primarily from the sidelines. A number of "go-to" moves are available to distinguish star players from their less flashy teammates, while a post-game highlight reel shows off key plays from multiple perspectives. The controls have been streamlined in several key areas, thanks in part to a context-specific system that takes into account where the ball-handler is in on the court, his proximity to other players, and his distance to the basket. While many moves are situational, players have direct control over dribbling with the new "quickstrike" ball handling system. Instead of tapping a button and waiting for an animation to complete, players can link together multiple moves without pausing. The right analog stick is used to perform signature-style moves and combinations, with players rocking the stick left and right to perform crossover dribbles and other techniques. The speed of each analog motion also influences the intensity of each move, giving players more flexibility during possessions. In addition to the standard dynasty, season, and exhibition matches, players can compete in the FIBA World Championship as one of eight international teams or as any of the 30 NBA squads. Rebounding and ball physics have been tweaked from previous games, while the new "hot zones" feature incorporates actual NBA shooting data to make certain areas of the court more or less successful based on a player's real-life tendencies. Marv Albert and Steve Kerr reprise their commentary duties, with additional lines of dialogue dedicated to events such as free throw attempts, signature shots, and more.

Game Controls




Left Thumbstick = move player
D-Pad Up + D-Pad Up, Down, Left or Right = quick plays
Right Trigger (Hold) = turbo
Y Button = rebounds


B Button (Hold And Release) = shoot
B Button (Tap) = shot fake
Left Thumbstick (Away From Basket) + B Button = fade away jump shot
A Button = pass
X Button = dunk, lay-up
Y Button = pro-hop, power dribble
Left Trigger (Hold) + Left Thumbstick = back down defender, protect ball
Right Bumper (Tap) = alley-oop pass (when teammate has a clear lane to the basket)
Right Bumper (Hold) + A, X, B or Y Button = direct pass
Left Trigger (Hold) + Right Thumbstick = spin move (in the direction you want player to move)
Left Bumper (Hold) = hot spots
Back Button = call timeout


Left Thumbstick = move pass receiver
A Button = call for pass


Right Thumbstick Down = begin shooting motion
Right Thumbstick Up = release the ball (once the player pulls the ball up)
B Button = shoot free throw automatically


A Button = switch player
X Button = steal, intercept
B Button (Hold) + Right Thumbstick Left or Right = take charge
Y Button = block, rebound
Right Bumper (Hold) + A, X, B or Y Button = direct player switch
Right Thumbstick Down = defensive stance
Left Trigger (Pull) = defense assist
Right Bumper (Tap) = last man back player switch
Right Thumbstick Up (Hold) = hands up
Back Button = intentional foul


B Button (Press And Release) = shoot
B Button (Tap) = shot fake
B Button (Tap) + B Button (Press And Release) = shot fake, counter shot