Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

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Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure takes gamers back in time and under the ocean to swim among some of the greatest beasts the world has ever known. Essentially a game of adventure and survival, Sea Monsters lets players take control of giant prehistoric sea creatures and navigate the frigid depths to hunt for food and fight to escape larger predators. A location-specific damage model will affect the way animals cope with injuries (an attack to the tail will hinder turning, for example) and players must monitor the hunger and oxygen levels of the animals to ensure survival. Based on the National Geographic motion picture, Sea Monsters begins in the open ocean, but as the game progresses the sea monsters will be able to journey into coral reefs, volcanic flows, rocky outcroppings, and amphibious zones. In all, gamers can control six prehistoric beasts, each with different abilities and defenses. Multiple players can participate in head-to-head underwater action in Race mode, Hunt mode, and Fight mode.

Game Controls


L1 Button = quick turn
R1 Button = bite
R2 Button = special skill
D-Pad Up = release target
D-Pad Left = quick turn left
D-Pad Down = quick turn 180
D-Pad Right = quick turn right
Start Button = pause, game data
Triangle Button = creature select
Circle Button = fossil screen
X Button = swim forward
Left Analog Stick = steer
Right Analog Stick = dodge, camera control