White Dog

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A little-seen film, suppressed by @Paramount studio executives and never released theatrically in the U.S., this drama is a powerful saga about racism. Julie Sawyer (Kristy McNichol) hits a handsome white dog with her car one night and then nurses it back to health. One day, the theretofore mild-mannered dog saves her life by viciously attacking and killing a rapist who breaks into her home. Lucy discovers that the dog has been trained to attack black skin. She consults an animal trainer, Carruthers (Burl Ives), who urges her to have the dog exterminated. But a maverick black trainer, Keys (Paul Winfield), who has tried before to break the training of such dogs but never succeeded, steps in. Director Sam Fuller had made other controversial films, but this one frightened studio executives, who deep-sixed it. It was hailed by critics when it was released in Europe. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- White Dog
1. Found [8:04]
2. Hero [4:30]
3. A Killer [7:16]
4. Trouble [7:15]
5. Help [5:46]
6. White Dog [12:52]
7. Escape [9:05]
8. Killed [4:40]
9. Determined [9:47]
10. A Test [5:12]
11. Owners [3:18]
12. Failed [7:58]