Twilight Zone: The Movie

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Based on the popular television series created by Rod Serling, this film of horror and the supernatural tells four separate stories--each by a different director: John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and George Miller. In one, a bigot is taught a lesson when he is transported to experience the lives of three different victims of prejudice and intolerance. Another takes a trip to an old-age home where the arrival of a special man turns some of the residents into youthful people once again. In the third, a woman befriends a timid young child who turns out to be a maniacal brat with bizarre powers. The final segment shows how a man with an aversion to flying has a rough time when he panics and then sees a strange creature on the wing outside his window seat. ~ Kristie Hassen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Twilight Zone: The Movie
1. TV Themes Prologue [5:29]
2. Something Really Scary [2:35]
3. Bigot on a Role [4:24]
4. Gestapo Manhunt [6:12]
5. Klan Lynch Mob [2:20]
6. Combat Zone [2:59]
7. Catching a Train [2:33]
8. Sunnyvale Rest Home [2:44]
9. Who Wants to Play? [6:30]
10. Kick the Can [3:40]
11. Keeping a Young Mind [2:54]
12. New Player, New Home [5:04]
13. Nice Town [2:26]
14. Anthony's Weird Family [:43]
15. Where's Supper? [3:45]
16. Birthday Cuisine [3:40]
17. Hat Trick [3:01]
18. No Exit [2:35]
19. Toon TV Terror [3:29]
20. Teacher and Student [2:24]
21. Airplane Jitters [4:00]
22. Something Out There [4:15]
23. Face to Face [5:47]
24. Mayday [2:57]
25. Up Close [4:19]
26. Really Scary Redux [2:11]
27. Serling Signoff; End Credits [2:10]