Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames continues the open-world warfare that helped distinguish its Xbox and PS2 predecessor. You are cast in the role of a heavily armed mercenary, whose truculent talents go to the highest bidder. The destination this time around is Venezuela, where a military coup has instigated a full-scale battle over the country's precious oil supply. Resources such as tanks, APCs, boats, automobiles, and even mini-nukes can be at your disposal in a moment's notice. You can set buildings, vehicles, and even people on fire while you complete a series of deadly missions at the behest of wealthy clients. Key features include a cooperative multiplayer campaign, an ability to recruit fellow mercenaries, and an assortment of tools to master. One such gadget, the grappling hook, lets you latch onto helicopters and other aircraft to commandeer them from the air. Once again the action is viewed from a third-person perspective as you choose from three playable characters, each possessing distinct attributes: powerful Christopher Jacobs, agile Jennifer Mui, and unstable Mattias Nilsson. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is developer Pandemic Studios' first release since being acquired by Electronic Arts in October 2007.

Game Controls



Left Analog Stick = move
Right Analog Stick = look, aim
R1 Button = fire primary weapon
R2 Button or D-Pad Right = switch primary weapon
X Button = jump
Circle Button = melee bash
Square Button = reload
Triangle Button = action (hijack, talk, etc.)
D-Pad Up or Down = support menu
D-Pad Left = switch explosive
L2 Button = throw, detonate explosive
L3 Button = sprint
L1 Button = crouch, zoom
R3 Button = binoculars
Start Button = pause game
Select Button = access pda



Right Analog Stick = look, aim
R1 Button = fire vehicle weapon
R2 Button = switch vehicle weapon
Triangle Button = exit vehicle
Circle Button = horn (call allies)
D-Pad Up or Down = show cash, fuel
R3 Button = reset camera


L1 Button = handbrake
X Button = accelerate
Square Button = brake, reverse
D-Pad Right = camera mode
R3 Button (Hold) = reverse camera


Left Analog Stick = move
X Button = accelerate
Square Button = brake, reverse


X or L2 Button = ascend
Square or L1 Button = descend
D-Pad Left = winch control