Torn Apart

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Based on the novel A Forbidden Love by Chayym Zeldis, this drama tells of a young Jewish Israeli soldier who meets up with his childhood Arabic friend and the two fall in love. Unfortunately, the couple must face a number of tragic circumstances as they attempt to be together in a religiously prejudiced and war-torn country. ~ Kristie Hassen, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Torn Apart
1. Dear Laila [5:31]
2. Goodbye for Now [8:29]
3. Duty Calls [6:51]
4. Laila, Wait! [4:29]
5. Secret Meeting [8:19]
6. Internal Conflict [8:05]
7. I Brought a Friend [3:22]
8. A Soldier's Choice [9:48]
9. You're on Your Own [7:32]
10. Dear Ben [5:29]
11. Surrender [7:40]
12. At Any Cost [7:30]
13. Shalom, Salaam [8:38]
14. Credits [2:57]

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