Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

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Move over, Indiana Jones. Step aside, Lara Croft. Video gaming has a new adventurer in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Trapped on a tropical island crawling with pirates, treasure hunter Nathan Drake seeks out the legendary fortune of his apparent ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. He'll explore ancient forts, lush jungles, mysterious catacombs, and other exotic areas, using a combination of firearms and hand-to-hand combat to defeat enemies. A female filmmaker named Elena Fisher accompanies Drake to document his latest exploits. As with more famous video game heroes, Drake is no slouch when it comes to feats of agility, from swinging on vines to leaping over rocks to shimmying across precarious ledges. He must also seek out and use cover to protect himself from enemy gunfire. Dramatic chase sequences on watercraft and in a jeep are included for a cinematic feel, and over 50 minutes of cut-scenes help flesh out the swashbuckling story. Drake's Fortune is developer Naughty Dog's (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter) first foray on PlayStation 3.

Game Controls



D-Pad Up or Down = navigate menu, highlight menu item
D-Pad Left or Right = adjust menu item
X Button = select highlighted menu item
Circle Button = previous screen, return to main menu


Triangle or Start Button = pause during cinematic
Left Analog Stick = walk, run, swim
Right Analog Stick = camera rotate, pan
L3 Button = adjust aiming camera between left and right shoulder
L2 Button (Hold) + Right Analog Stick = look mode
Triangle Button = interact, pick up
R3 Button = reset camera
D-Pad, Down, Left or Right = weapon select
R2 or D-Pad Up = reload
Circle Button = take cover behind object
R1 Button = fire weapon
R1 Button = blind fire (when taking cover)
L1 Button (Hold) + R1 Button = lean out and fire (when taking cover)
L1 Button (Hold) + Right Analog Stick = manual aim
Square Button = enter melee combat (when facing an enemy)
Square Button (X5) = fast, furios combo
Square Button + Triangle Button + Square Button = brutal combo (with timing)
R1 Button + Square Button = steel fist combo
Square Button = stealth kill (sneak up on enemy undetected)
R1 Button + Left Analog Stick = run and gun
Circle Button = roll (while moving in any direction or between areas of cover)
X Button = jump, climb
Circle Button = drop down, grab ledge (when standing above a ledge)
L1 Button (Hold) + Sixaxis Wireless Controller = aim grenade
L1 Button (Hold) + R1 Button + Sixaxis Wirelss Controller = throw grenade
Select Button = access diary, map (when diary/map icon appears)
Start Button = pause menu



Left Analog Stick = steer
Right Analog Stick = camera rotate, pan
X or R2 Button = accelerate
Circle or Square Button = brake, reverse
L1 Button (Hold) + Right Analog Stick = aim weapon
R1 Button = fire weapon