Superbad [Widescreen] [Extended Cut]

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Operating under the assumption that by procuring alcohol for an upcoming party they will finally be able to break their longstanding losing streak with the fairer sex, socially inept high school seniors Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) set out to secure the adult beverages that could get them off of the geek list before they even attend college orientation. Evan is a bright young student whose outward sweetness belies his suffocating fear of heading off to college without his lifelong best friend Seth -- a hormone-driven mischief-maker who wasn't accepted to the same school as Evan. But Evan and Seth both know that college is a place of personal reinvention, and that if they are able to make that first leap together they will have forged a bond powerful enough to last a lifetime. Meanwhile, Evan and Seth's friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) acquires a hastily rendered fake I.D. that instantly endears him to a pair of truly irresponsible cops (Bill Hader and Seth Rogen). Penned by co-star Rogen in collaboration with former Da Ali G Show co-writer Evan Goldberg, the semi-autobiographical SuperBad was produced by Judd Apatow and directed by Greg Mottola -- who previously helmed episodes of Undeclared and Arrested Development. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Superbad
1. Opening Credits [4:11]
2. You're Like Orson Welles [3:31]
3. Becca [3:19]
4. Home-Ec [6:04]
5. Dicks [5:23]
6. That Mistake [3:52]
7. McLovin [3:04]
8. Cargo Shorts [4:27]
9. I'm Nervous [4:25]
10. Fuck My Life [4:14]
11. Phuck [5:28]
12. You Guys on MySpace? [3:11]
13. Fantastic Friends [3:17]
14. Bailey's [4:06]
15. What is That? [5:36]
16. Like a Bird [2:01]
17. Two Cocks [1:43]
18. Blood Brothers [3:58]
19. You Bailed [5:42]
20. Fastest Kid Alive [3:00]
21. Goldslick [4:20]
22. Respect Women [2:51]
23. Hawaii [4:27]
24. Blow Jay [5:02]
25. It's In [3:53]
26. Let's Do This Dance [3:18]
27. Boop [2:36]
28. Morning [11:19]