Twitches Too

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In this sequel to the enchanting @Disney Channel original movie Twitches, the twin daughters of Aron attempt to ensure that the forces of darkness have truly been defeated. The Kingdom of Coventry has been locked in battle against the forces of darkness for over two decades. Now, just as it begins to appear as if the powers of light are about to be snuffed out by the surrounding shadows, the twin daughters of Aron suddenly re-appear in the land of their birth - just as the prophecies foretold. Could it be that these magical twin sisters are in fact the heroes prophesized to return to Coventry and deliver the land from an evil powerful enough to consume anything in its path? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Twitches Too
1. Introduction [6:42]
2. Visitors [9:36]
3. Plants & Royalty [6:32]
4. Father's Crest [4:58]
5. The Vanquishing Spell [10:45]
6. They Took Everyone's Magic [5:16]
7. Dad's Study [7:36]
8. Tough Love [11:09]
9. The Eclipse [7:02]
10. Thantos [9:04]
11. The Wedding [3:06]
12. End Credits [:57]