Mr. Woodcock

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Every junior-high geek's worst nightmare becomes a reality in this comedy. John Farley (Seann William Scott) grew up as a chubby kid with no athletic skills and poor self-esteem, and during his early teenage years his nemesis was Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton), his junior-high gym teacher, who took a sadistic glee in tormenting John and others like them. Years later, John has slimmed down, come to terms with his self-image, and become a best-selling author, publishing a self-help book on overcoming the specters of the past. John comes home to visit his widowed mother, Beverly (Susan Sarandon), and discovers she has a surprise for him -- she's getting married again, and her new fiancée is none other than Mr. Woodcock. Horrified, John is determined to keep Beverly from walking down the aisle with Woodcock, and along the way finds himself struggling to settle some old scores. Mr. Woodcock also stars Amy Poehler as John's publicist and Ethan Suplee as John's old friend Needleman. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Mr. Woodcock
1. Early Years [4:19]
2. Corn Cob Key [3:42]
3. Mom's New Boyfriend [1:59]
4. Nedderman [5:31]
5. Back at School [2:43]
6. The Engagement [1:44]
7. "You Don't Believe in Yourself" [3:13]
8. Burglar [3:13]
9. A Day With Mr. Woodcock [3:23]
10. The Former Mrs. Woodcock [:09]
11. Cornival [2:05]
12. Breaking into Woodcock's Place [7:54]
13. Civic Pride Awards [:39]
14. Corn Cob Queen [7:39]
15. Wrestling Match [1:40]
16. End Credits [4:15]