Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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One of Nintendo's most anticipated games for 2008, Super Smash Bros. Brawl continues the mascot-mauling series that began in 1998 on Nintendo 64. As in the two previous installments, players will choose from an assortment of major and minor characters from the publisher's prolific past, including such stalwarts as Mario, Pikachu, Link, and Samus. New to Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the inclusion of cross-platform stars Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake, as well as such "slighted" characters as Wario, Diddy Kong, and Pit of Kid Icarus fame. Characters will engage in hand-to-hand or projectile-based combat within multi-tiered environments based on iconic locales. Yoshi's Island, Delfino Plaza, and WarioWare are but a few of the featured stages, each offering built-in hazards and a number of surprise twists. One of the game's distinguishing features is its offbeat item list, which has now expanded to include the likes of smoke balls, cracker launchers, and one deadly dinner: super spicy curry. As characters progress through the game's several play formats, including a new side-scrolling Adventure Mode, they can take snapshots, win trophies, and even collect stickers to store in an album. Four controller options are available, and players can once again set up dream matches and tournaments by customizing an assortment of minute details. Some of the industry's most respected composers have contributed to the eclectic soundtrack, which features rearranged theme songs and bonus tunes unlocked by collecting CDs throughout the course of play. Yet the most compelling feature for longtime fans is the inclusion of four-player online support for global competition.

Game Controls


A Button = select, attack
A Button + B Button = grab
Home Button = home menu
Control Stick Up = jump
Control Stick Left or Right = move
Control Stick Down = crouch, Drop through platform
C Button = jump
Z Button = shield
+ Button = pause
B Button = cancel, use special move
1 Button = taunt
Control Stick + A Button = smash Attack



D-Pad = choose option
D-Pad Up = jump
D-Pad Left or Right = move
D-Pad Down = crouch
D-Pad Down (Tap Quickly) = taunt
B Button = shield
A Button + Button or - Button = grab
1 Button = special move, cancel
2 Button = attack, select
1 Button + 2 Button = smash attack


Left Control Stick = choose option
D-Pad = taunt
Left Control Stick Up, X, or Y Button = jump
Left Control Stick Left or Right = move
Left Control Stick Down = crouch, drop through
Right Thumbstick = smash attack
L or R Button = shield
ZL or ZR Button = grab
A Button = special move, cancel
B Button = attack, select


Control Stick or D-Pad = choose option
D-Pad = taunt
Control Stick Up, X or Y Button = jump
Control Stick Left or Right = move
Control Stick Down = crouch, drop through
C Stick = smash attack
L or R Button = shield
Z Button = grab
A Button = attack, select
B Button = special move, cancel