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The producers of Saw shine a little darkness on the City of Lights in this grim thriller about a naïve American visiting her sister in Paris, and the horror that unfolds as they descend into the city's vast Catacombs for a wild underground rave. Victoria (Shannon Sossamon) has never been to Paris, but when her sister Carolyn (Pink) invites her to an upcoming party, the prospect of living it up in the most romantic city on Earth proves too powerful to resist. Shortly after arriving in Paris, Victoria and Carolyn venture deep into the 200-mile limestone labyrinth constructed with the bones of seven million Parisians. Later, after getting separated from her friends, the frightened American can't help shake the feeling that someone - or something - is stalking her every move; just waiting for the perfect moment to spring forth from the darkness. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Catacombs
1. Rave [5:15]
2. Paris [5:59]
3. Shopping [3:19]
4. Life Changing [10:59]
5. Afraid [12:49]
6. Close Call [3:40]
7. Trapped [5:57]
8. Exit [9:34]
9. Disappear [1:12]
10. Way Out [9:26]
11. Vindication [7:18]
12. End Credits [7:49]