Ten Commandments

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One of the most fabled stories of the Old Testament gets a new interpretation in this CGI-animated feature. When the Pharaoh of Egypt sentences Hebrew children to their death, the mother of baby Moses floats the child down the River Nile in a basket, hoping he will be found by people who give him a chance at a better life. The baby is found by the Pharaoh's daughter, and is raised as an Egyptian prince. However, when the true heritage of Moses (voice of Christian Slater) is discovered, he is banished from Egypt. As Moses wanders through the desert, he encounters a burning bush, from which the voice of God (voice of Elliott Gould) can be heard. God tells Moses it is his destiny to lead the Hebrews from slavery to a new life in the Holy Land. With the power of God as his ally, Moses confronts the Pharaoh Ramses (voice of Alfred Molina) and demands freedom for his people. Ramses scoffs at Moses, and with the help of the Lord the Hebrew messenger brings a series of plagues down on the Egyptian people as he repeats his demand for freedom for the Jews. The first feature-length directorial credit for Bill Boyce and John Stronach, The Ten Commandments also features the voice talents of Ben Kingsley as the story's narrator. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Ten Commandments
1. A Time of Pharoahs [4:18]
2. The Journey Begins [8:20]
3. Truth Is Told [8:37]
4. Heed the Call [13:23]
5. Let My People Go [10:31]
6. We Will Leave Now [11:09]
7. Losing Hope [10:23]
8. Let's Make a God [2:21]
9. The Ten Commandments [6:07]
10. Pardon Your People [4:54]
11. The Promised Land [3:37]
12. End Credits [4:18]