Maroon 5

It Won't Be Soon Before Long-Special Edition

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Track Listing

  1. If I Never See Your Face Again
  2. Makes Me Wonder
  3. Little of Your Time
  4. Wake Up Call
  5. Won't Go Home Without You
  6. Nothing Lasts Forever
  7. Can't Stop
  8. Goodnight Goodnight
  9. Not Falling Apart
  10. Kiwi
  11. Better That We Break
  12. Back at Your Door
  13. Until You're Over Me
  14. Infatuation
  15. Losing My Mind
  16. Wake Up Call (Mark Ronson Remix Feat. Mary J Blige) (Bonus Track)
  17. The Way I Was (Bonus Track)
  18. Story (Bonus Track)
  19. Won't Go Home Without You (Acoustic)
  20. Make Me Wonder (Music Video) (Bonus DVD)
  21. Wake Up Call (Director Cut) (Bonus DVD)
  22. Won't Go Home Without You (Music Video) (Bonus DVD)
  23. Make Me Wonder-Live in Japan (Bonus DVD)
  24. This Love-Live in Japan (Bonus DVD)
  25. Sunday Morning-Live in Japan (Bonus DVD)