Rogue Warrior

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Loosely based on former U.S. Navy SEAL Dick Marcinko's book series, Rogue Warrior is a first-person shooter emphasizing violent, stealth-based kills. Players take control of Marcinko himself in a series of covert missions behind enemy lines in North Korea. The object is to make it safely across shipyards, warehouses, factories, and other locales to single-handedly thwart an imminent attack on the United States. Sneak up behind enemies to choke or stab them, or dispatch foes using a combination of grenades and gunfire. Rogue Warrior also includes deathmatch and team deathmatch online multiplayer options in addition to the single-player campaign. Marcinko's colorful, profanity-laced dialogue is voiced by actor +Mickey Rourke.

Game Controls


D-Pad Left or Right = switch weapon
D-Pad Up = toggle night vision
Select Button = current objective
Start Button = pause, game menu
Triangle Button = switch weapon
Square Button = reload
Square Button (Hold) = pick up weapon
Circle Button = toggle crouch
X Button = kill move, interact
Left Analog Stick = movement
L3 Button = sprint
Right Analog Stick = manipulate camera
R1 Button = throw grenade
R2 Button = fire
L1 Button = enter or exit cover
L2 Button = iron sights