God of War: Chains of Olympus

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Tormented Spartan warrior Kratos journeys to the underworld to battle mythological creatures in Chains of Olympus, the anticipated debut of Sony's blockbuster action series on PSP. The storyline in this original title precedes the events chronicled in 2005's God of War. As penance for past transgressions, the son of Zeus agrees to become an indentured servant to the Greek gods for ten years. When the world suddenly plunges into darkness and renders their powers useless, the gods beseech Kratos to return Olympus to its former glory. Kratos will journey to the Gates of Hades and beyond to fulfill his solemn obligation. With a look and feel designed to replicate the same fast-action mechanics from the first two God of War titles on PlayStation 2, Chains of Olympus offers a few subtle changes to combat. Once again Kratos wields the Blades of Chaos, twin swords chained around his wrists, with each swing punctuated with light trails to enhance the theatrics of the combo-heavy fighting system. As players string together multiple hits, "vicious," "gory," and "savage" words of encouragement will appear. Enemies include Persian soldiers, Cyclopes, minotaurs, and the screen-enveloping boss encounters the series is known for. Defeating bosses allows Kratos to learn powerful new magic-based attacks. Kratos can also parry blows and perform evasive dodges, with the latter now initiated with a button modifier due to the lack of a right analog stick. A new windmill-style move has been added for taking out multiple enemies, at the expense of leaving Kratos temporarily vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Also featured is a more dynamic camera system designed to show off the atmospheric stages without interfering with combat or the game's various action-oriented puzzles. Veteran character actor +Linda Hunt reprises her role as the game's narrator. Chains of Olympus is independent developer Ready at Dawn's second PSP game after 2006's best-selling Daxter.

Game Controls



L or R Button = navigate through menus
D-Pad = highlight menu item
X Button = select menu item
Start or Select Button = exit menu screens
Circle Button = return to higher menu


Analog Stick = walk, run, climb, swim
L Button + R Button + Analog Stick = evade
X Button = jump
Square Button = light attack
Triangle Button = heavy attack
Circle Button = grab
L Button = block
R Button + Square, Triangle or Circle Button = use magic
Circle Button = action, interact
Start Button = access upgrades, moves, inventory screen
Select Button = pause game, options menu


Circle Button = orion's harpoon (when an enemy is in the air)
Triangle Button (Hold) = hyperion ascension
L Button (Tap) = helios reverse (requires sun shield)
Square Button + Square Button + Triangle Button = plume of prometheus
Triangle Button + Triangle Button + Triangle Button = spirit of hercules
Triangle Button + Triangle + Square Button = valor of hercules
L Button + Square Button = cyclone of chaos


X Button + X Button = double jump
Square Button = horizontal attack
Triangle Button = vertical attack
Circle Button = air grab (when kratos and enemy are in air)


L Button + Square Button = cyclone of air (air)
L Button + Square Button = tartaurus rage (air)
L Button + Circle Button = rampage of the furies (air)