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Hyperactive mayhem results when a mild-manned banker discovers an ancient mask that transforms him into a zany prankster with superhuman powers in this special-effects-intensive comedy. The wildly improvisational Jim Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss, a decent-hearted but socially awkward guy who one night finds a strange mask. Carrey's trademark energy reveals itself after Stanley puts on the mask and the banker transforms into The Mask, a green-skinned, zoot-suited fireball. The rubber-faced Mask possesses the courage to do the wild, fun things that Stanley fears, including romancing Tina Carlyle (Cameron Diaz). In addition to Carrey's physical talents, the film makes effective use of digital visual effects that bestow the Mask with superhuman speed, insane flexibility, and popping eyes out of a Tex Avery cartoon. The larger narrative, involving the efforts of Tina's gangster boyfriend to destroy Stanley and use the mask's powers for evil, prove less interesting than the anarchic comic set pieces, including a particularly memorable dance number to "Cuban Pete." The film delivered enough laughs to become a surprise hit and, along with the same year's Dumb and Dumber, establish Carrey's status as a comedy superstar. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles/The Nicest Guy [3:35]
2. Tina Carlyle [3:20]
3. "The Loaner" [2:29]
4. Coco Bongo Club [2:49]
5. The Mask [2:37]
6. "A Big Nothing" [2:52]
7. "Smokin!" [5:04]
8. Next Morning [3:39]
9. Peggy Brandt [4:00]
10. Golf Practice [3:22]
11. "Somebody Stop Me!" [3:28]
12. Baby Ain't I Good to You [2:17]
13. Rock This Joint! [3:11]
14. Award Winning [3:08]
15. Kellaway [2:31]
16. 50 Grand [4:21]
17. Loki [2:50]
18. Landfill Park [4:59]
19. Cuban Pete [3:17]
20. "What a Rush!" [4:55]
21. "Love-Crazy Wild Man" [6:59]
22. Milo to the Rescue [3:51]
23. Casino Night [6:18]
24. Milo and the Mask [2:43]
25. "Spicy Meatball!" [4:02]
26. "Smokin!"/End Credits [8:14]