We Shot the Moon

Fear and Love

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San Diego quartet We Shot the Moon aren't exactly newcomers: singer/songwriter Jonathan Jones was the frontman of the Coldplay-like piano rock band Waking Ashland, and two members of the original trio lineup (since replaced) are also in the pop-punk act Sherwood. Unsurprisingly, then, the sound of debut album Fear and Love pretty much sounds like a fusion of Keane and Weezer, except that it's actually much more entertaining than that sounds. Jones and his cohorts are unapologetic fans of straightforward pop music, and there are no misguided attempts at showing off indie rock credibility on Fear and Love, a chirpy and generally positive pop/rock album long on catchy piano-based melodies and memorable choruses and short on both angst and distortion. Jones also has an entirely pleasant voice that's a refreshing change from the usual emo-kid mewl, and his fondness for "whoa-ho-ho" hooks (see opening track "The Water's Edge" and first single "Sway Your Head" for excellent examples of same) is equally appreciated. The album is paced oddly, with a longish string of ballads including the solid "Perfect Time" and the rather drippy crisis-of-faith retelling "Tunnel Vision" blunting the momentum of the several sprightly power pop tunes at the album's front end, but overall, Fear and Love is an enjoyable listen. ~ Stewart Mason, Rovi